About Us

The Long Island Candle Factory, Inc. hand pours each candle individually using only natural soy wax.  Every candle ever sold by Long Island Candle Factory has been hand poured on Long Island, New York.  The idea for this small factory came just after 9/11/01 and in early 2002 we started pouring our first candles.  After almost a decade of hand pouring candles here on the island our experience can not be matched.  Family owned and operated from the start we have always taken great pride in what we do.  To this day the owner George Decatrel still hand pours each and every candle.

To us, the use of fragrance has always been as important as the flame.  From the start, mixing our own scents has been a priority.  Our goal has always been to create the most authentic aromas using nature as our guide.  Today we offer a range scents that take you through the seasons and by the beaches we call home.  Sample any of our fragrances, we are absolutely certain you won't be disappointed. 

Long Island Candle Factory has been featured on CNBC and written up in the NY POST, THE THREE TOMATOES and TIME OUT NY.   We always believed in earning our customers the old fashioned way, one candle at a time. 

more to come...